Going solo in a post-Covid world: Sisters (and brothers) are doing it for themselves

It may be no more than an anguished hangover: inspired by two years of COVID lockdown restrictions, but perhaps…just perhaps, it’s also part of a burgeoning sense of female empowerment, combined with a refusal to listen any longer to the (mostly male) voices telling you where you can and can’t go…and exactly when you can go there. But whatever it is, there’s a definite sense of change in the air: after decades of hesitancy and wariness about setting out solo to experience the diversity of one of the richest environments on the Planet, Indian women (and men) are increasingly going alone to sample the splendours of the earth beneath their feet.

And thanks to an Indian tourist sector that’s now better connected, and more culturally aware than ever before, it’s also safer than ever for women and men to travel alone on the subcontinent…which means more of them (wherever they might come from in the world) are seeking out a stock of memories to enjoy over the years ahead… the mountains and stunning sunsets of Ladakh, the snow covered foothills of Himachal Pradesh, sparkling in the morning sunlight, and, of course, the stunning hinterland of Assam: a veritable Eden of the planet’s most thrilling wildlife: ranging from the charms of the one horned rhinoceros, to majestic tigers, and the breath-taking diversity of bird life in between…not to mention one of the last remaining habitats of the unforgettable Asian elephant.

So what’s not to like, especially once you decide to set out on your own… so many stories to tell, so many memories to be shared with your children and loved ones, and nothing to stop you reaching the full height of your ambitions? Don’t wait for anyone else …there’s never been a better time to join the age of solo travelling: embracing the big bright world outside your window… and it’s all there waiting to welcome you.

But don’t just take my word for it: according to the online booking site OYO, “The trend of women travelling solo in India has grown exponentially in recent years…25% of women would like to go on a solo trip this year”. And that’s because travelling solo makes for a sense of empowerment, which in turn creates an increased demand for more offbeat and exotic locations, centred on the resources of the natural environment. And, of course, it’s not just for women either…men and women alike can experience the wealth and diversity of the natural challenges that lie glittering at your feet. 

You love your family, that’s a given, but it’s important to get out there and have fun as well…enjoying a once in a lifetime, reformative experience: and right now it’s only a phone call, or the click of a keyboard away.